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Understanding the User levels: Admin, Reseller, User

Add user/control panel in DirectAdmin reseller panel #

  • In “Account Manager” section click on “Add New User
  • Fill the form and select the package. then click on “SUBMIT“.
  • Your user will be created and listed as shown below.
Create new Reseller

Login to your DirectAdmin by https://yourserveripaddress:2222
Click on the Create reseller
Note:- Please take note that you will not be able to add in new user if you haven’t create any user packages.

Insert the details of the users accordingly, and choose a User Package and IP address, and then click on Submit to confirm the creation. A message will prompt to inform you whether the account was successfully created or not.


 To view the list of users, return to the reseller homepage and click on List Users.

Directadmin : How to create an Additional Administrator

If you would like to have a second admin to manage your resellers and users, you can create them ONLY by accessing DirectAdmin with admin privileges.

Login to DirectAdmin panel by https://yourserveripaddress:2222
After Login click on List Administrators

On the next screen, you’ll see list of current’s admin. To create new admin, click on Create Admin.

Next, you’ll need to fill in details like Username, Email and Password. You can use the Random button to randomize your password. You can also use the ‘Send Email Notification’ checkbox to send the new admin with his/her admin login access informations. The welcome email will be sent to the registered email.


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