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How to check email delivery logs

In order to check the email delievery logs follow the below steps.

  1. Login to your admin account by using below URL.

2. Go to the Home page of your Google Workspace admin page and click on the Reports section.

3. Once you click on the Reports menu and it will list you all the reports menus at the right side from where you can produce various types of reports in order to search the logs scroll down and click on the email log search option.

4. Once you click on the email log search option it will give you the multiple options for the log search as mentioned below in the snapshot.

In the log search dialog box you will get below mentioned options to filter the logs.

1.Date: Here you can specify that from which date you want to search the logs.

2. Sender: Here you can search by using the sender address.

3. Sender IP: You can search by using sender IP address.

4. Recipient: You can search using the recipient address.

5. Recipient IP: You can search using the recipient IP address.

6. Message ID: You can also search using the message ID.

5. Once you enter the search criteria and click on the search option it will generate a report which you can download or just click on the subject name to view the details.

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