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Suspend/Activate/Terminate accounts

How to suspend an account in WHM

Login to WHM

In the sidebar, under Account Functions, select Manage Account Suspension. You can enter “suspension” into the WHM search box as a shortcut.

WHM sidebar

A list of accounts will be displayed on screen. You can select an account for suspension by domain or by username. Select the account and click the Suspend button to proceed.

Suspend account

How to activate an account in WHM

Login to WHM

Go to Account Functions.

Click the Manage Account Suspension link.
Choose an account’s username or main domain name from the respective list.
Provide a reason for suspension, if you want.

By default, an account’s reseller will be able unsuspend the account. Click this checkmark if you don’t want them to be able to do that.

Click Suspend or UnSuspend, whichever action you wish to perform on the account. We’ll be suspending this account.

You can Terminate and permanently delete this account using this button, if you wish.

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