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How to check email delivery logs

  1. Login to your admin console using the below URL.

2. Once you logged in under your admin console go to the admin center and then click on the “Exchange” option from there.

3 Once you click o =n the “Exchange” it will open your Office364 exchange home page from there click on the “mail flow” and under the “mail flow” click on the “message trace” option.

4. Click on the plus sign “start a trace” and it will open the message trace window will be open here you can search the email logs by using the “Sender” or “recipient” or using both also you can customize the time duration.

5. Also , if you want to download your log files you can get that in the three formats as below. Select the appropriate option as per your requirement.

  1. Summary Report(Instant Online access)
  2. Enhanced Summary Report(Downloadable as a CSV file)
  3. Extended report(Downloadable as a CSV File

6. Once you have set all these settings click on the search and it will display all related logs.

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