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How to restore website

Restore Full Backup #

To Restore Full Backup, Provide the Downloaded Full Backup to your server Administrator, And Ask him to restore it for You.

To download your entire /home directory, your SQL databases, or your email forwarders and filters, click the desired items.

This method downloads the backup as a .gz file to your computer.

         Restore a partial backup #

                To use a partial backup to restore a portion of your website, perform the following steps:

  1. Click Choose File under the appropriate heading.
  • For example, to restore a MySQL database, click Choose Fileunder the Restore a MySQL Database
  1. Select the backup file from your computer(Backup that you downloaded from “Download a partial backup“).
  2. Click Upload to restore that portion of your website.

System Backups

Use this section of the interface to download a compressed copy of your website’s files. You may select the most recent monthly, weekly, or daily backup

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