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How to Complete the domain verification

In order to complete the domain verification follow the below mentioned steps.

  1. Login to your office365 admin portal using the below URL.

2. Click on the “setup email with custom domain” option from the admin home.

3. After you click on the set up email with a custom domain it will open a pop up windows here you will have two options 1. add your existing domain 2. you can also purchase the domain select the option as per your need.

4. After you click on the setup your email using existing domain a setup window will be open click on continue.

5. In the add domain box fill your actual domain name and click on continue.

6. After adding the domain name it will provide the TXT record in order to verify your domain ownership add that record in your domain DNS zone and click on the verify option.

7. Once the domain verification is completed you can use your account and create new email accounts.

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