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How we resote mssql backup from Plesk Panel

  1. Login to your Plesk Panel with your Username and Password.

2. Click on Websites & Domains and click on the domain name for which you wants to create the database.

3. Click on the Databases under which domain you wants to create.

4. Once You click on the “Databases” and it will list your all created database in order to Restore the Database Backup click on the “Import Dump”.

5. Once you click on the Import Dump option it will open the Import Window here you can restore by using Two Method.

  1. Import: By selecting this option you can use the MSSQL Dump that is uploaded under your Hostingspace.
  2. Upload: By using this you can upload the MSSQL Dump from your local system.
  3. Recreate: Check mark this option if you want to recreate your database instead of restoring on the existing database.

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