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create a new cpanel account

Login to WHM Server

Click the Account Functions link

Click Create a New Account.

Enter the domain name that will be used for this new account

Now enter a password for the account, after which a username will be created automatically which you can edit later

Open the Package drop down menu

Let’s go ahead and choose the 100MB package
Notice how the Quota, Max FTP accounts, Max Email Accounts, and all other options on this page have just been filled in. This has been done in accordance with the definition of the Bronze package, which you can setup in the Account Packages section of WHM

You can setup as many packages as you want, and you should, as it helps speed up the process of creating hosting accounts

Even though this package predefined the quotas for the account, you can edit any of these options futher. Let’s edit the Max SQL Databases quota

You should now send this information to the person who will be using the account. They will need to know the username, password, and IP address, as well as the nameservers
Click the List Accounts link There it is, the new account we just created

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