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How we Migrate website in solidcp

In order to Migrate your website to Solidcp follow the below mentioned steps.

  1. Login to your SolidCP control panel by using your username and password

2. Once you have Logged in your SolidCP control panel follow the steps mentioned in the below URL to add the domain and website under your new control panel.

3. Once your domain and website has been created upload the your website code under your website document root “wwwroot” with the help of the FTP account, you can create the FTP account for your website using the below URL.

4. If there is any database associated with your website then first create the database and user under your new control panel with the same details, you can use the below URL in order to create the database and user.

1. MSSQL database and User Creation.

2. MySql Database and User Ceation.

5. Once database and user has been created you have to restore the database by using the backup of the old database, you can follow the steps mentioned in the below URL’S in order to restore the database.

1. MSSQL database restoration.
2. MySQL database restoration.

6. Once database restoration has been completed update your website connection string settings as per the new database server details with the help of your developer team.

7. Once website and database data restoration task has been completed you can test the website settings before changing the website DNS records using the “Host” entry method, enter the your new VPS/DS IP address and the domain name entry in your local system “hosts” file that is located at the path= “C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts ” make the entry as mentioned below.

IP address of VPS/DS domainname
IP address of VPS/DS

8. Save the file and open the domain name in your browser and test the settings.

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