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Manage AutoSSL

Login to WHM

Search for  “Manage AutoSSL” in the upper left-hand search box.

Click the “Manage AutoSSL” option from the dropdown list.

Enable domains with AutoSSL using WHM.
Next select the AutoSSL provider you want to use, for this example we will choose cPanel (Powered by Comodo). If you are interested in a faster process you can run the above steps but with Let’s Encrypt instead of cPanel (Powered by Comodo), which completes in minutes rather than hours. 

Then hit “Save” at the bottom of the page.

Select the “Manage Users” tab at near the top of the page.

Manage Users
Select “Enable AutoSSL” to secure your domain(s) with AutoSSL.

Click “Check (your domain)” for SSL’s on each domain/s

Enable the AutoSSL option in WHM for your server to automatically update SSLs.
You have now successfully enabled and run AutoSSL for your selected domain/s. The process of receiving the SSL can take some time

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