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How we Add Task Scheduler in VPS/DS

1.Login to the Server/VPS using your RDP login details.

2. Open the Task scheduler from the start menu or from the search bar.

3. Once Task Scheduler is opened it will look like as mentioned below.

4. Click on the Create task option at the right hand side.

Note: Do not click on the Create Basic task.

5. In the General tab of the Task scheduler mentioned below details.

1.  Task Name.

2. Check Mark on run task whether user logged in or not.

3. Check mark on run with highest privilege.

6. Click on the second tab “Trigger” and configure the trigger.

7. Click on the “New” and specify the Parameters as per the Backup requirements and click “okay”.

8. Now click on the “Action” tab and click on the “New” action.

9. Here browse the batch file which you wants to schedule on the server.

10. When all three tabs settings are completed click on the “okay” button and your task is scheduled under task scheduler successfully.

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