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How to add domain Alias

In order to add the your domain as a domain alias in your existing Google workspace follow the below mentioned steps.

  1. Login to your Google admin page using your domain admin login details using below URL.

2. From the home page click on the “manage domains” option.

3. Click on the add domain alias.

4. domain alias add popup will be open add the domain name that you want to add in there.

5. After filling the domain name click on the “Continue and verify domain ownership” and after that click on continue.

6. After that it will generate a TXT record copy that record and add under your domains DNS zone file in order to verify the domain ownership.

7. After adding the TXT record clcik on the verify my domain it will complete your domain verification process.

8. Once your domain is verified your domain alias is added successfully now you can use it.

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