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How we connect my Linux VPS/DS through SSH

Open your command line client on a local computer and use the following instructions to connect to your server on either Windows or Mac OS/Linux.


Open PuTTY.

In the HostName (or IP address) field, enter your server’s hostname or the IP address listed in your welcome email.

Ensure the radio button next to SSH is selected in Connection Type.

Click Open to proceed.

You’ll be asked if you wish to trust this host. Select Yes to continue.
Trust dialog

In the command line window that opens, you’ll see the prompt login as:

Login prompt
Enter your username, which for most admins, should be root.

Enter your password to complete the connection process.

Mac OS/Linux

Enter the following command in your Terminal window, changing [username] and [hostname] to those listed in your welcome email. For most administrator sessions, the username will be root

ssh [username]@[hostname]

You’ll be asked if you wish to continue connecting. Enter yes and press return.

You will now be prompted for your password.

Enter your password to connect to the server.

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