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How to reboot the VPS

If your VPS using SolidCP as a control panel then you can not reboot your VPS from the control as this feature is not available in the SolidCP.

In order to reboot your VPS you have to open a Support Ticket to us with the reason that why you want to reboot your VPS and we will complete the reboot process for you.

If You are using the Plesk Panel as a control panel on your VPS then you can reboot your VPS from your panel for that follow the below mentioned steps.

Step 1. Login to your Plesk Panel Using the below URL.

Https://Hostname or Https://IP address:8443

Step 2. You will be prompted for the Login page as mentioned below, enter the master username and password of your control panel.

3. After Login to your control panel go to the “Tools & Settings” option.

4. Under the “Tools & Settings” go to the “Server Management” Menu and over there click on the option “Restart Server”.

Step 5. It will Restart your VPS/Server.

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