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Transfer account from another server

The WHM Transfer tool allows for users to transfer a cPanel account and it’s settings via an SSH connection.  For steps on how to complete this inside of WHM please follow the steps below: 

  1. In WHM on the destination server navigate to Home >> Transfers >> Transfer Tool.
    WHM Transfer Tool
  2. Once there, you will need to fill out the Remote Server Address and SSH port if the source server has a custom SSH port.
    WHM Transfer Tool
  3. Next, choose whether to authenticate via root or a user account.
  4. Select Authentication Method (We want to do Password Authentication).
  5. Click the Show button next to Advanced, and unselect Compressed Transfers. Leaving this box checked will increase the time required to complete the transfer and may cause it to fail with large accounts.
    Compressed transfers are also likely to fail due to the backup failing to compress properly.
  6. Click the Fetch Account List button at the bottom.
  7. The following page will give a warning about the source server running a different cPanel version than the destination.

  8. Click the Show button next to Service Configurations then select the checkbox next to Backups so that the backup configuration is transferred to the new server. We don’t want to transfer over the other configurations due to the version differences between Cent5/6 servers.
  9. Check the top box to select all the packages/feature lists on the source server to ensure they are transferred over.
  10. Check the top box under accounts to select all accounts on the source server to transfer over, unless only specific users are to be moved over then click the Copy button. 
  11. For smaller transfers, you can keep an eye on the page and then review any warnings/errors about the transfer at the bottom. You do not need to stay on this page for the transfer to continue.

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