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How we restore Backup of MySQL from VPS/DS

In order to take the Backup of the MySql Database we can use the HeidiSQL tool follow the below mentioned steps for the same.

  1. Login on your VPS/DS wit your RDP login details.

2. Download the HeidiSQL tool and install on your VPS/DS by using the below URL.

3. Once HeidiSQL is installed on your system login with your MySql root login details.

4. On the left window, change “Unnamed” to whatever you want to name it. Then on the right window fill in the Hostname/IP, User, and Password with the ones shown to you in your Multicraft control panel’s MySQL Database menu. Click save once done then click open to access your database.

5. Now, go to File >> “Load SQL”

6. Select the backup file that need to restored.

7. Press Open button

8. Now, we can see following message.

9. Make sure to Press “NO”.  We really meant No !

10. Now, we can see that SQL is loaded in query window

11. Now, press “Run button” to restore database.

12. Wait for a few minutes

13. Now, we can see that database is restored

14. Press fresh to see tables.

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