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How to create new email IDs in Google workspace

In order to create email account in your Google Workspace follow the below mentioned steps.

  1. Login to your Gsuite admin page using your domain admin login details by using the below URL.

2. Once you logged in got the “Users” menu from your admin home page click on the “Directory” and select the “user” from drop down menu.

3. At the top of the page, click Add new user.

4. After clicking on the “Add new User” a account information add window will be open here you can add the below mentioned details as per your requirement.

  1. Add account information (visible in the Admin console and Gmail contacts):
    1. First and last name
    2. Primary email—The Admin console suggests a username that’s different from any existing usernames in your domain. You can accept the suggested name or change it.
    3. (Optional) A different domain—If your organization has more than one domain, click the Down arrow "" next to the field to the right of the @ sign and choose a domain.
    4. (Optional) Secondary email—This is the email address where the new user receives their new account details. If the user doesn’t have another email address, you can enter your own address to capture the information for forwarding later.
    5. (Optional) Phone number
  2. (Optional) To add password, organizational unit, and profile information, click the Down arrow "" next to Manage user’s password, organizational unit, and profile photo.
    1. (Optional) Organizational unit—If your users are grouped in organizational units, click Edit ""and thenselect the one to which you want to add the userand thenclick Done.
    2. (Optional) Profile photo—To add a photo for the user, click Upload Profile Photoand thenselect and open the photo file. If you don’t have a photo now, you can add one later.
    3. Password—To create a password, choose one:
      1. Choose to Automatically generate a password.
        Note: If you choose this option, the password will be longer than the required minimum or the minimum password length set for your domain.
      2. Choose to Create password yourself. 
        Note: Password minimum length is 8 characters. See our password guidelines for tips on creating a strong password. To view the password, click "".
        (Optional) To require the user to change this password the next time they sign in, select Ask user to change their password when they first sign in.

5. After you have added the required information click on the add user and your new user has been created successfully.

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