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How we restore mssql backup from solidcp

In order to Restore the MSSQL database follow the below mentioned Steps.

  1. Login to SolidCP using the below URL and enter the username and password.
Https://hostname or IP address of VPS:9001

2. In the next screen, you will see icons for all the services you can manage from the SolidCP. Under Databases section click on SQL Server icon.

3. In the next screen, list of previously added MS SQL databases will be populated. In order to restore of any database click on the database Name.

4. Expand the Maintenance Tools option and click on the Backup button.

  • At this stage, you will have two options to restore from, Uploaded File and Hosting Space File.

If you want to restore a MSSQL database from the backup file stored in your local computer then select Uploaded File option and click on Choose File button to select the backup file from your local computer.

If you already have uploaded the MSSQL database backup file in your hosting space, then select Hosting Space File option and browse the path of backup file under your hosting space. After choosing one of these methods, click on the Restore button.

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