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How to add domain Alias

In order to add the domain alias on your Office365 account follow the below steps.

  1. Login to your admin console page using the below URL.

2. Once you have logged in your admin page click on the “Settings” menu and under the settings menu click on the domains.

3. Once you clicked on the domains it will list your added domains in order to add new domain as a domain alias.

4. Once you clicked on the “add domain” it will open the add domain windows add the name of your domain under the “domain name” box and click on the “Use this domain”.

5. Once you clicked on the “Use this domain” you will see the domain verification option select the one which best suitable for you and click on continue.

6. Once you clicked on the “Continue” it will give you the domain verification DNS record enter that record under your domain DNS Zone and once added click on the “Verify”.

7. Once you clicked on the domain verify it will verify your domain and provide your the your domain mailing records add them under your domain DNS zone file and click next and it will add your new domain successfully.

8. Once the domain setup process is completed you will see your domain name under the domains list.

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