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How to set routing in google workspace

In order to set and configure the routing rule follow the below mentioned steps.

  1. Login to your Google workspace admin console using the below URL.

2. From home page click on the “apps” menu.

3. After clicking on the apps menu click on the Google Workspace menu.

4. After opening the Google Workspace it will list all the services from there click on the “Gmail” Service.

5. After opening the Gmail service click on the routing option.

6. After click on the routing tab it will list all the routing settings that we can configure for our Google workspace email IDS.

7. Click on the Configure option from the Routing settings.

8. Once you click on the configure option it will show the settings that you can set for the routing. Configure the settings as per your requirement.

Further, you can get the all required details regarding configuring routing rules in the below URL.

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