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How we Add New DNS Records ( A, MX, CNAME, TXT, NS) In Plesk Panel

  1. Login to your Plesk Panel with your Username and Password.

2. Click on Websites & Domains and click on the domain name for which you wants to create the database.

3. Click on the “Hosting & DNS settings and under this click on the “DNS Settings”.

4. After you click on the “DNS Settings” it will list your domains all already created DNS records you can add the new record by just click on the “add record” button.

5. In order to add the “A” record click on the “Add” record button and it will open the option for the record details select the record Type as “A” from the drop down enter the “TTL” value and in the IP address box enter the address where you want to point your domain.

6. In order to create the “MX” record click on the “Add” record and fill the below details.
  1. Record Type: MX
  2. Mail domain: If its a parent domain then leave blank, either enter the name.
  3. TTL: Enter the TTL value as 3600 or 1400
  4. Mail Exchange Server: Value of your Mail server
  5. Priority: Select the Priority

7. Once all filed are filled click on the “ok” and your MX record will be created successfully.

8. For the TXT record as well follow the same steps click on the “Add record” and add the below fields.
  1. Record Type: TXT
  2. Domain Name: @ or leave blank
  3. TXT Record: Value of the TXT record.

9. Once fields are field click on the “OK” and TXT record will be created successfully.

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