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How to Complete the domain verification

In order to complete the domain verification process for your domain for Google workspace follow below steps.

  1. Login to your admin account with your admin login details.

2. Once you logged in to your Google admin at the Home page you will see the option “Getting started” click on that.

3. Click on the verify domain.

4. Select the domain verification method.

5. After selecting the method it will generate the DNS record add that record in your domain DNS Zone file.

  1. CNAME based: In this method you have to create the CNAME record on your domains DNS zone file.
  2. TXT Based: In this method you have to enter the “TXT” record in your domain DNS zone file.

6. Once the DNS record is created click on the verify domain and it will verify your domain, once domain is verified you can crate users for your domain.

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