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How we configured email in outlook

  1. Open your local outlook client and click on the “Files” menu and click on the “add account”.

2. Add account pop windows will be open click on the “add account manual” and click next.

3. In the next windows select the service like “IMAP/POP” in order to configure the account and click next.

4. In the next Windows add the required incoming and outgoing server details as per the IMAP protocol and the email ID and login details.


Incoming Server: as per your mail server

Outgoing Server: as per your mail server


5. Now Click on the “More Settings” option and in the outgoing server tab check mark on the option “My server require outgoing smtp authentication”.

6. Click on the next tab “Advanced” and fill the required port number as per the IMAP protocol and click on “okay”.

7. Click next and your account has been configured with the IMAP protocol.

8. You can follow the same steps in order to configure with the POP protocol select the “Account Type” as a POP while configuring by default its set to POP.

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