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How we Migrate website in Plesk Panel

  1. Login to your Plesk Panel with your Username and Password.

2. Once Logged in on your Plesk Panel add your domain under your account in order to create the website for your domain, you can use the below KB url in order to add domain/website.

3. Once your domain and website has been created you can upload the your website data under your website document root that is “httpdocs” using the FTP account, you can use the below KB URL in order to create the FTP account.

4. Also, if there is any associated database with your website you can create the same and restore from the Backup using the below KB URL’S.

  1. MySql database and User Creation.

2. MySql database restore from the Backup.

3. In order to create the MSSQL database and User.

4. In order to restore the MSSQL database from the Backup.

5. By following these steps you can easily migrate your website.

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