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How we Update NS ( Name Server) of Domain in My Hosting

In order to add the Nameserver of your domain in your Hosting follow the below steps.

  1. In order to manage your domains Nameservers to manage the domains DNS records from your own VPS/Server, you have to create the Child Nameservers for your domain under your domains domain control Panel as mentioned below.

First Child Nameserver: ns1 VPS/Server IP address

Second Child Nameserver: ns2 VPS/Server IP address

2. After updating the domains Child nameserver under your domain control panel update the Custom Nameservers of your domain as mentioned below.

Note: Replace the with your original domain name.

3. After updating the Child Nameservers and the Custom Nameservers under your domain control panel, you can manage your domains DNS records from your own VPS/Server or Hosting Control Panel.

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