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How to enable POP, IMAP for indivisual mail ID

  1. Login to your admin console using the below URL.

2. Once you logged in under your admin console go to the admin center and then click on the “Exchange” option from there.

3. Once you click on the “Exchange” it will open your exchange admin center console under the console at the left hand side click on the Mailboxes under the recipients menu.

4. After click on the “mailboxes” it will list your domains mailboxes click on the mailbox name for which you want to enable or disable the “IMAP/POP” access.

5. It will open your mailbox configuration and the settings that you can manage from there, scroll down to the bottom of the mailbox property and click on the “manage email apps setting” under the email app.

6. After click on the “Manage email apps settings” you will see the list of settings that you can enable and disable from there you can enable/disable the “IMAP/POP” access for your mailbox.

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