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How We Can Install SSL in Windwos VPS/DS

In order to install the SSL certificate on your VPS/DS domain follow the below steps.

  1. In order to install the SSL certifictae we have to generate the CSR for your domain for which you want to install the SSL certificate you can generate the SSL certifcate using the steps mentioned in the below URL.

2. Once CSR has been generated for your domain you have to complete the Process of CSR submission for that you will receive a CSR submission URL when you purchase the SSL certificate open that URL on your Browser and paste your CSR code on the CSR submit field and select the server type and the validation type here you can select the multiple domain validation process by default its use the email enter the email address that you wants to use for the domain validation you can select the emails from mentioned below.


3. Once you have submitted the CSR you will receive the first email regarding the domain validation complete that validation process as mentioned in that email.

4. Once you have completed the validation Process you will receive the your Domain SSL certificate file on the same email ID.

5. Copy the SSL code and save on your VPS/DS with the file extension “.cer”.

6. Once Certificate file is saved open the IIS tool and click on the Server Certificates.

6. From the Server Certificates click on the “Complete Certificate Request” in order to Install the SSL certificate.

7. Once you click on the “Complete certificate request” and it will open a window here select the certificate file and give a name for your SSL certificate and click on the “Ok” and it will Complete the certificate request.

8. Once the SSL certificate request is completed select the site for which you have completed the SSL request and add the SSL Binding for that site by selecting the SSL certificate.

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