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How we Create FTP in Plesk Panel

  1. Log in to the End User side of Plesk.

2. Click on Websites & Domains.

3. Click on FTP Access.

4. Click on Add an FTP Account.

5. Fill out all the necessary information.

FTP account name: what do you want the login to be? (Required field)
Home Directory: this will be the highest directory they will have access to. By default, they have access to/for the Subscription.
Do note they will have access to everything below this point. (Required Field)
Password and Confirm password: type in what the FTP password should be for this user. (Required Fields)
Hard disk quota: the amount of disk space on the server that the FTP user can occupy.
Read permission: to allow the FTP user to view the home directory contents and download files from it, select the Read permission checkbox.
Write permission: to allow the FTP user to create, view, rename and delete directories in the home directory, select the Write permission checkbox.

6. Then click on the OK button, and the new FTP user will be created.

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