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How We can install SSL from other server to my Hosting Server

  1. In order to Install the SSL certificate from other server we will require the SSL certificate file in the .pem or .pfx export that file from the other certificate and save that file on the My Hosting Server.
  2. Open the IIS tool from server Manager and click on the main page and from there click on the Server Certificates.
3. Once click on the Server Certificates in order to Import the SSL certificate and Install it click on the “Import” option.

4. Once Click on the Import option it will open a Window here select the .PFX that you have exported from the other server and save here and enter the password of that .PFX file and click “Ok” and it will install the SSL certificate on the current server from the other server.

5. Once SSL Import process is completed you can Bind it to the your respective domain/website.

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