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Upgrade MySQL/MariaDB

  1. Login to the WHM panel as root.
  2. Go to MySQL Services > MySQL/MariaDB Upgrade option.

  3. Then you need to select the exact version you need to upgrade.

  4. Once selected the required version, you will be able to see the changes with the new version and you need to put a tick mark for each of the changes and press continue.

  5. The next window is asking for which kind of an upgrade you required to do. If you are selecting ‘Unattended Upgrade’, it will do an automatic upgrade with the recommended settings. If you are selecting ‘Interactive Upgrade’, it will ask for a confirmation in each step. It is ok to go with the first option if you don’t need any custom settings there. Press continue after selecting the required option.

  6. It will take some time to complete the process. Wait for 5-10 minutes and you can see the progress in the screen itself.

  7. You can see a completion message once the process is done. You can verify the version as well as your websites to make sure all good.

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