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What to do if my VPS is down?

Your VPS may be down or offline for a variety of reasons. In this article, we’ll show you how to get your VPS online and running again. Please follow the guide below to get things working.

STEP 1: Confirm that the VPS is down. Are you able to ping the VPS?

  • If yes, then move to STEP 2.
  • If not, then check by changing the ISP.
  • If by changing the ISP it pings, then your old ISP IP may be blocked on the Server. Get the IP from and share it with our Support team at
  • If it’s still not pinging, then update our Support Team at regarding it.

STEP 2: If it’s pinging, then it may be possible that one of the services may be affected. Kindly mail to our support team at with the exact issue & snapshots to check further.


  • If the VPS been used for purposes not allowed within our Terms of Service, then the VPS may have been suspended, in which case you will need to open a ticket to our system at get it unsuspended.
  • If the VPS was suspended due to billing reasons, then contact our billing department at at for it.
  • If you need to contact us about your VPS being down, you should include the following in your ticket:
  1. Your VPS IP.
  2. Your Network IP.
  3. Ping Result
  4. MTR Result

Have you made any recent changes to the VPS.

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