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How to test the incoming mails

  1. Login to you Spam Venom Panel by using your username and password.

2. Once logged in under the Incoming section click on the logs in order to check the incoming mails.

3. Once you clicked on the “logs” and it will open a window where we can search for the incoming email logs as per the details available.

4. Using the Log Search you can:

  • Perform powerful filtering to find the results you need including:
    • Filtering on message size and the From, To, and CC headers
    • Filtering on the outgoing IP used for delivering or attempting to deliver the message and the location of the sending server (based on the IP address) – See Run Custom Log Search
  • Perform various actions on single or multiple messages – See Actions Available on Log Search Results
  • Customise available actions on specific messages – Add Customised Action Using Log Search
  • Regenerate the index to search all archived message content – Regenerate Content Index
  • Export archived messages – Export Archived Messages.
  • Create and email a report of your log search results (and schedule at a specified frequency) – Create Email Scout Report.

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