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How to reboot the VPS(WHM)

Graceful Server Reboot

The Graceful Server Reboot means shutdown all services normally and allowed to finish current working operations and reboot the server.

  • Click on ‘Graceful Server Reboot’ under ‘System Reboot’ option.
  • Click ‘Proceed’ button to Graceful Server Reboot.

Forceful Server Reboot

  • The Forceful Server Reboot is shut down all services forcefully and reboots the server. It should not be used unless the Graceful Server Reboot does not work.
  • Click on ‘Forceful Server Reboot’ under the section ‘System Reboot’.
  • Click ‘Proceed’ button to Forceful Server  Reboot.
  • That is how we can reboot server via WHM.

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