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Add the email ID’S in SpamVenom Panel

In order to add the email Mailboxes in your Spam Venom Panel follow the below mentioned steps.

  1. Login to your Spam Venom Panel with your login details.

2. Once logged in click on the “Mailbox Configuration” from the left side menu bar.

3. Once you clicked on the Mailbox Configuration it will open a window here select the “Mailboxes” option and under the “Mailboxes” click on the “add mailbox” if you want to add one mailbox.

If you want to add the Bulk mailboxes then you can import the same using the excel sheet by selecting the option “Import Mailboxes from CSV”.

4. In order to add the one mailbox after click on the “Add mailbox” it will open a window where enter the username of the mailbox and click on the “Save” option.

5. In order to import the Excel csv sheet once clicked on the Import mailboxes from CSV select the CSV sheet that you have created from your system and click on the “Import File” and this will import your all mailboxes in one time.

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